Too Much Fun

In honor of Cherri’s 26th trip around the sun, a group of us descended on the historical (and really creepy) town of Port Costa to do the only two things there are to do there – hang out at the Warehouse Cafe (a giant bar with about 400 beers) and get weird inside the Burlington Hotel (a creepy old bordello, in which the rooms are named for the women who once worked in them).

We were in the company of The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus and a group of bikers called the Too Much Fun Club.
We had a great time, though the ol’ Burlington ain’t what she used to be, as they now have “rules” and some lady who comes out of a room and attempts to enforce them. I’m not sure what her problem was, though. As the photos below clearly can attest, we were perfectly civilized.
Apparently, not even patriotic dogs are allowed.

We found a bridal gown and veil in the closet. Natalie wore it and is now cursed.

We also found blood on a mirror.

And a creepy dude in a trunk.

Too Much Fun Club

Cherri is never without an iParty.
Eventually, it started to get weird.

Also cursed.

The favored beverage of outlaws.

5:00 AM
Squished pennies. We were careful not to derail the train.


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