High Flyin’ and Low Ridin’: The SF Bike Expo

I covered the SF Bike Expo today for Momentum Magazine and left fully impressed- huge swap, lots of interesting vendors and entertaining events. There was something of interest for cyclists of every ilk – fixters, MTB’rs, commuters, coaster brake enthusiasts, cargoers, lowriders, freak bikers, even unicyclists.
I was really just there to shoot Momentum’s fashion show, but figured I might as well cover some of the other festivities as well.

Dirt Jumpers going HUGE

Lil’ Mama’s stereo was SLAPPIN’.

Plush Throne with 2 TV Screens??!!

This was actually for sale.
The day featured a full ticket of Cyclocross racing and I managed to get a few shots in of the men’s A category. The track was awesome.

It went inside…

had a HUGE set of steps going up a hillside…

and a seriously steep descent back down into a 90 turn. Fools were eating shit right here.

These yungins placed 2nd and 3rd in the kids race.

Integrated stem/ handlebars. I think they call that exquisite lug work.

The Derailleurs did some bike dancing.

Track stand comp.

And a great fashion show. This suit has reflective threads for riding at night. NEAT!

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