Short and Sweet in Brooklyn

I’m on a bus, Baltimore bound to see my family after a short three days in Brooklyn. My primary purpose for visiting was to meet this little smush.

Sadie Lou Cohen-Thomson was born less than two weeks ago to two of my favorite people on planet Earth – Naomi and Nicholas Cohen Thompson. When I officiated their wedding less than a year ago I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d be back in Brooklyn holding a tiny person in my arms while she furrowed her little eyebrow and had an abrupt and very audible bowel movement. “That wasn’t a fart,” Nich said. It wasn’t.
Naomi has always been the most nurturing and motherly person I know and it’s amazing to see her getting her mom on.
I stayed in Buchwick with my good friend and talented photographer, Joshua Simpson. Check him out here.
After my second day visiting the little beeb, I made my way over tot he West Indian Day Parade, which is totally nuts and teeming with beautiful half naked people. I typically don’t shoot at events like this because all the photos tend to look the same . Plus, I often find them to be frequented by pervy male photogs with telephoto lenses zoomed into the abundant T&A. My plan was to just hang out and not shoot, but I felt compelled to pull out the camera and get a flick when I ran into a true New York legend.

Afrika Babaataa reppin’ Brazil.
I wandered the side streets a bit and was able to make a few photos, usually when people asked me to, but they all kind of turned into very posed group shots, which wasn’t really what I was going for, but there were a few cool ones.


Note the purple dog.

Heartwarming. The cops were really exited.

I had a few more random run ins, including Nich’s brother, Julian, who was skating a ledge in Williamsburg.

Also got to do some quality liver abuse with my dude Caleb.

and Morgan
and Yojaira
and Sarah, who can be seen here giving this kid Mikey a needle and ink tattoo sometime after 3 AM.
He really wanted a tattoo last night, but when we decided not to go to a shop, he took matters into his own hands. Oh, to be young again.

Caleb gave him a Superman cape to wear.

It says “ANNA”

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