In Print: Lil B for the Guardian

I just got back from the East Coast yesterday and was delighted to snatch up a few remaining copies of this weeks Guardian, featuring a cover shot I did with East Bay rapper, Lil B. I love the way they used the photo and was happy to see that they ran 3 additional images for the article, which is basically about how B’s incessant internet self-promotion (150 myspace pages, 200+ youtube videos, insane amounts of tweets) is proving to be fairly successful. I should take note.
Some additional shots.

B is a super nice guy and was pretty much down for anything, making for an easy shoot. After we finished, true to his M.O., he shot a quick video on my rooftop.
It’s taken me over a week to get to writing this entry, but he’s already been able to get this thing edited and on youtube. At the time of posting, it already has over 26,000 views. WTF?

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