B-More Lurks

Every time I visit my hometown of Baltimore I intend to do a ton of shooting. Somehow it never seems to happen, usually because I spend so much time running around trying to catch up with family and friends. This last trip was no exception, but I did manage to get a few frames off. I also shot some digital that I’ll post once I get a new card reader, as mine seems to have read its last card.

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4 Responses to B-More Lurks

  1. Rob Prideaux says:

    The hoop picture kills me. Nice stuff all around.

  2. Jessy says:

    This is awesome…nice site. xo

  3. askreamer says:

    Thanks Jessy. How did you find it on it’s 1st day in existence? I’ve only promoted the switch via facebook, which I know you don’t use.

  4. great job man, the new blog looks really nice. The Forgive Us shot is great, they’re all beautiful as usual. Hope to see you somewhere out in this infinite abyss….

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