Street Portraits: Waco, TX

After a job last week in Dallas, I decided I’d drive to Austin for the weekend before returning to San Francisco.  Along the way, I stopped in Waco and managed to get a few street portraits, mostly of teenagers at the skate park.

This is Dylan.  He seemed pretty eager to get out of Waco.

Sierra and Jacob

I won the approval of this group when I correctly identified the Insane Clown Posse logo on the guy on the left’s skateboard.  They told me all about being a Juggalo and how they are misunderstood and classified as a gang at school.

On my way out of town I saw this beast parked at a body shop and had to pull over and get a photo.  This guy was kind enough to pull it out and pose for me.  He used to use it for mud drag racing, but now it’s his commuter. He said he could build me one.

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2 Responses to Street Portraits: Waco, TX

  1. these are great shots i love it

  2. Rebecca says:

    Next time I’m in SF I expect a ride in a commuter like that. Great portraits Matt.

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