In Print: Scraper Bikes for Be Street (France)

French street culture magazine, Be Street contacted me recently for some Scraper Bike images.  I returned from Texas to find the issue on my doorstep and was exited to see such a big spread!  It’s kinda crazy; when I first shot the Scraper Bikes a few years back, I pitched it left and right to no avail. Now it seems to publish itself.  Patience!

Sorry for the crappy photos.  I’ll update this once I get the files from the folks at Be Street.

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5 Responses to In Print: Scraper Bikes for Be Street (France)

  1. Rob Prideaux says:

    Hey congrats. It’s strange how stuff comes around, like the pictures take on a life of their own.

    Are you still promoting this project? How did they hear about it? I’m imagining they contacted you out of the blue, but perhaps not….

    • askreamer says:

      Thanks Rob. I actually haven’t been promoting this project much, but the Scraper Bikes have built up quite a bit of their own momentum over the past 2 years or so, especially with a couple docs that have made their way around the internet and festival circuit. Tyrone (The Scraper Bike King) and I stay in touch pretty regularly, so when publications are featuring them and not sending a photographer, he often refers them to me.

  2. caleb says:

    nice spread ream, looks tip top.

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