SXSW Day 2: Corrupt Cops and Crack Rocks

Well, not quite.  Though, the Wu did last perform night (with Fishbone, and I was not there) and I did get into it with the cops (I was the good guy, I swear!), my first full day at SXSW was a good one. We left the shitty airport hotel and settled into our fine new digs.

Mirissa Neff is a champion for finding this gem.

It took us awhile to get in, settle down and do our various computerings, but I finally made it out of the house around 4 and met up with my friend Tim House at the Moonshine for some food and drink to start the day.

After that I cruised down to Red River St. to check out my dude Adam Soratos, who will be featured every day on this blog, at Red 7.  If you read yesterday’s post, you’d know that kids were camped out in front of Red 7 all night in anticipation of the band, Asking Alexandria.  Well, they happened to be on when I was around and I slipped in to check it out.  This is what I saw.

Adam wasn’t feeling it.

Now, metalcore (that’s what this is, according to Wikipedia) is not my thing, but I must say, these kids were feeling it so much that I couldn’t help bu feel it myself.  I think teenagers are fascinating and they are by far my favorite people to shoot, so I spent the next hour or so after the show meeting and shooting kids that were at the show.  I was inspired by their dedication to the music and the fervor with which they appreciate it.

Next I headed far from the action to find my dude Clayton, who came to SXSW last year with a dream and left with a job, no joke.  He seriously showed up broke and badgeless and he’s here this year doing PR for some great acts.  Sadly, the job took him to Chicago, and this was the first time I’ve seen him since he left.  I seriously love this dude more than life itself and can’t tell you how happy I was to see him and how happy I am for him. We met up at club 1808, were his client, Das Racist was preforming.


Dap of Das Racsist

Around 7:30, everything turned black and white and Das Racist hit the stage.

The party ended in strangely. I tackled a dude who, along with his girlfriend, was seriously kicking a guys head in.  I was told by an old timer that I was talking with that the victim was a crack dealer and he probably ripped the kids off.  Nonetheless, they were going way to hard and I couldn’t watch it happen.  I subsequently had to deal without the cops and paramedics, both of whom got mad at me, after I took a photo of the scene after being COMPLETELY cooperative.  Mind you, I probably saved this dude’s life, or at least his brain.  The cops snatched me up at the door and made me delete the photo, which is probably illegal.  I obliged, knowing I have software that can recover the image.  Once I do so, I’ll amend this post.

After bidding the police farewell, we took the long walk back downtown back downtown and ran into Nick Andre (Slept On Records, City Lights, Her Space Holiday) and friends as they loaded out from a show with Dirty Ghosts at the Beauty Bar.  Some other Bay Area folks were around too and we headed inside to see The Death Set, who positively KILLED it.

Followed by Big Fridia, who brought the ass shaking debauchery.

I took break after that and did’t get back indoors until I saw SF heroes’s Thee Oh See’s at Red 7.

It had been a long day for John Dwyer.

and Petey too.

The night ended in a shared cab with my friend Hillary.  She’s hilarious.

Some other observations a SXSW, for those who have not been.

– You have to let go.  You will not see half of the acts that you want to, but there is always a good band within a few hundred yards of wherever you may be, so be where you are and enjoy it.  Discover some new music.

– Live music photography is actually easier if there’s a mosh pit.  It’s much easier to move through a swirl than a dense crowd.  I’m not the type to post up 30 minutes before the band starts, but I am the type to push up once they’re on.  Sorry short people.

– Wear comfortable shoes.

– There is lots of free booze, but not as much as I thought.

It’s getting late and the music is playing, I should go.

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