SXSW Day 3: 20/20 Vision

Day 3 started slowly, like the rest, with a trip down to the Alternative Apparel Cafe for some free drink and grub.  I was summoned to shoot a photo of Linda Perry (I was tempted to ask, what’s going on?), which was cool.  While waiting for my food I got a text from Hillary, who said she could get me into Spin’s party at Stubb’s featuring TV On The Radio, which happened to be at the same time as Pentagram at Thrasher’s party at Scoot Inn.  Such is the SXSW conundrum.  You just have to pick something and stick with it and try not to think about what you may be missing. Anyway, I went to TVOTR and they were amazing.  I got in kind of late to post up for photos, so I just enjoyed the show with my camera in it’s bag, which I must say, felt really really good.

After TVOTR I found myself at the Nylon’s party at the W, awaiting a set by my friends, LA based indie pop band with a big buzz, Grouplove.  Before they got on, I caught a short DJ set from Mia Moretti and violinist Caitlin Moe.  I know a DJ with a violinist may sound like a bad idea, but these two were good.  Like REALLY good.  I swear.


Grouplove took the stage after dark and gave a great show.  The crowd at this one was a bit too cool and kind of subdued though.  Their music makes me want to take a road trip.

Hannah from Grouplove texting. The lives of rockstars!

I wandered back towards the thick of the SXSW madness and attempted to catch Kylesa, but couldn’t get inside, nor could I get into the Beauty Bar where my long-time East Bay electro-dirtyrap homies, Hot Tub were playing.  I did manage to catch them out back afterwards, where we drank some Mad Dog and shot some photos.

Coco Machete

After that I checked out J Mascis at Red 7.  He played an all acoustic set.  It was nice, but I could have done with some more shredding.

It was about 2:00 AM at this point and I went off in search of Clayton.  I found him in the Emo’s green room with Das Racist, who were doing an interview.

and smoking on the weed

Lex was in a box.

Clayton led us to an afterparty that had a line that filled up the whole block.  Thankfully, he got us in quick, but we didn’t stay very long.  I caught a bit of Arab Muzik’s set, which was played live, and really well, from and MPC, but didn’t stick around long enough to see the headliner, Skrillex.  At one point I took a big sip of water from Clayton’s bottle, but I didn’t hear him tell me, “that’s not water.”  I don’t really remember much after that.


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