In Print: Bike Party for San Francsico Bay Guardian

I love getting cycling related assignments. My bike is my primary mode of transportation and I am so grateful to live in a place where cycling is so deeply embedded in our culture. Last year, I shot the cover for the Guardian’s Bike to Work issue (here) and I was thrilled when they asked me to do it again.

This year’s concept  was a little looser. Basically, I was given a headline (“Bike Party”) and tasked to create something that works. Art Director, Mirissa Neff and I have worked together for awhile now and I’m always confident that I can deliver what she needs .  I appreciate the fact that she trusts me to pull off assignments whether it’s a tightly sketched shot or just a loose mood or theme that I have the freedom to flesh out.

I decided to shoot a park scene typical of a sunny San Francisco weekend – a group of friends laying in the sun, bikes and beers strewn about.  An easy enough shot to get with a quick stroll up to Dolores Park, but I needed more control than I felt like I could have in the park, so I decided to bring the park to my studio, complete with one of DP’s most well known characters.  I’ll leave it to you all to guess who it is.  First person to guess correctly in the comments gets a prize.

With a car load of sod and some help from my friends, we were able to create a cover that I’m very exited to see on the stands today.

I also submitted a photo of my friend, Sarah Murder, that ran as the intro to this weeks bike themed content.

My studio-mate and good friend, Leo Docuyanan, helped out on the shoot and shot some B-roll for the blog.

Thanks to everyone that helped out and spent a rare, hot SF day indoors with me when they could have been at the real park.

Models (clockwise from top left)

Emily Alexander(modeled and assisted!), Faith Garcia, Lindsey Migdalski, Chas Christiansen, Nich Koch, Sam Strand, Trevor Sherard.

Also, big shout to Trevor Traynor and Adam 5100 for helping me move sod!

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8 Responses to In Print: Bike Party for San Francsico Bay Guardian

  1. Dylan says:

    Oh shit, that’s truffle guy!

  2. poker says:

    should have used “COLD! BEER! COLD! WATER!”

  3. frankievee says:

    chester copper pots!

  4. Rissa says:

    Or Gaaaaaangatreats!

  5. Josh Farria says:

    Good job faith.. god bless.

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