In Print: The New Urban Jungle for Cultural Survival Quarterly

This is a story I shot back in December and January with the help of my friend Sydney Silverstein and her colleagues, Bartholomew Dean and Joshua Homan.  I visited Peru to hang out with Syd, who spends a few months of the year there,  with no real plan, but we knew we wanted to work on something while we were both there.  Through some connections in and around the city of Yurimaguas, we learned of the land invasion and thought it could be an interesting story to work on together.

Learn more about the invasion on my original post about these photos.

We visited a number of times between Christmas and early January, shooting photos and conducting interviews.  Upon returning to the US, they wrote the article and submitted it to Cultural Survival Quarterly, who were gracious enough not only to publish it, but to use it on the cover.

CSQ is the publication of Cultural Survival, an organization that works with indigenous communities around the world to protect their culture, land, and language.  You can learn more about their work here.

These are just a few scans from the 10 page article.  You can read the full text here and see more of the photos here.

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  1. Jake Stern says:

    Cultural Survival repping Cambridge MA

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