Rio Babe International Head Shots and More

My friends Rio Babe International (Sam Strand and Kirby McKenzie) were selected to participate in the triennial show Bay Area Now 6 at the Yerba Buena Center for the arts here in San Francsico. For their installation, they recruited a group of “artisans” to help construct a house, of sorts, that was kind of it’s own multimedia mini-gallery within the show.  I was honored to be one of these people and to have the opportunity to participate in something so grand and inspiring.  My role in this project, was to shoot footage for a music video (a first for me), shoot fashion photos of models in the Rio Babe dresses that were made specifically for this installation, and to make head shots of the team.

The head shots were my favorite part by far.  We wanted to keep a continuous aesthetic throughout, but infuse each one with a bit of quirkiness. These were printed on faux marble plaques that hung inside the installation.

Sam and Kirby AKA Rio Babe International

Adam Hatch - Construction

Michele Marti - Furniture Construction

Peter St. Lawrence - Floral Design

Aubrey Ferreria - Choreography

DOT BIZ (Jon Schroeder and Christine Hucal) - Audio and Video

Matthew Reamer - Photography

Trevor Sherard - Interlocking Structures

The Video, which was installed inside a coffee table.

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