Goin Downie Ocean, Hon.

On a recent trip to my hometown of Baltimore, I had a chance to spend a couple days in Ocean City, MD (in Bawlmerese, this is called “goin downie ocean”), where my family used to vacation during my childhood.  It is a place I remember fondly and always enjoyed visiting –  a classic East Coast beach town.  This was my first time back in about 13 years and I was delighted to find that it hadn’t changed very much at all.

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4 Responses to Goin Downie Ocean, Hon.

  1. Erica Bloom says:

    Matt, you’re an amazing photographer!

  2. whenever I have to give a Canadian an idea of what a Bawlmer accent sounds like, I always give them the line “goin downie ocean hon”

    lovely pics too.

  3. laurenquinn says:

    The couple in red is maaaad Diane Arbus…

  4. jane says:

    these are absolutely stunning. their uniform shirts are a-mazing. great color capture, reamer!

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