Out in the (Popsicle) Stix

While exploring the Woodberry neighborhood of Baltimore, I couldn’t resist going inside what appeared to be an abandoned building along the bank of the Jones Falls, a river that runs through town. It turned out to be a factory, and judging by some of the debris, it may have manufactured popsicle sticks.  It was dark and scary, with some deep holes and other assorted treachery.  Sadly, I only found access to a few parts of the building. Some of the upstairs rooms looked like they were probably pretty cool, but I couldn’t find any stairs. While setting up a shot, I was startled by another person who wandered in.  He was scavenging for copper and other sellable metals.  Most of the buildings electrical infrastructure had been torn out by scavengers long before, but he did manage to pull some wire from the old freight elevator.

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