9 hours with King Tuff for 36 Hours with King Tuff for SPIN

Got to spend the evening tagging along with Kyle Thomas AKA King Tuff and the band before, during, and after their show at Brick and Mortar Music Hall. It was a super-fun night, the highlight of which was Magic Jake’s immaculate Tartine French Bread Punt Return.  It was poetry in motion.  They played Outside Lands the next day, at which point the assignment was picked up by Wilson Lee, who killed it.  SPIN put together a great little slide show, tied together with Tuff’s hilarious commentary.  Included here are some of the photos from the story as well as a few outtakes.  The van interior photo was shot inside artist and all around rad dude, “Dirty” Donny Gilllies’  Street Van.    Check out the piece HERE.

36hours_kingtuff_reamer-1 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-3 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-5 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-7 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-12 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-13 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-16 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-17 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-18 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-20 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-24 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-26 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-29 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-36 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-37 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-41 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-44 36hours_kingtuff_reamer-45

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