Ice Cold: 100s in the Studio

Here are some press photos I recently shot for 100s, who also happens to be one of my top picks for musicians to watch in the upcoming year.  His debut album, Ice Cold Perm, has been heavy in my rotation for a minute and he’s poised to release his next effort on Fools Gold Records, which is a great look for him.  Speaking of looks, he’s got that going for him as well.  We had a fun day shooting, discussing the finer points of waiting for one’s Jew-Fro (based on our shared heritage and penchant for hair farming) to “drop” and the merits of the Brazilian blowout.  Keep an eye out for this dude, he’s young, hungry, and permed – a deadly combination.

His recent video for “1999” is posted below. EXPLICIT LYRICS

100s_gray_b&w-15-Edit 100s_gray_b&w-13 100s_gray_b&w-3-Edit 100s_garage-2-Edit100s_garage-6-Edit 100's purple-5-Edit

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