So Many Fish

Whales, whoppers, and wonder off the Montery Coast.

fishin-1 fishin-2 fishin-3 fishin-4 fishin-5 fishin-6 fishin-7 fishin-8 fishin-9 fishin-10 fishin-11 fishin-12

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New Years Day 2014 – Yucca Valley, CA

New Years Day 2014 - Yucca Valley, CA

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Converse Rubber Tracks Studio: Mexico City

I travelled to Mexico City last month to shoot a few days of Converse’s month long Rubber Tracks Studio pop-up there.  It’s always a great time working alongside my favorite video team, Loroto Productions.

rubber_tracks_mexico_city-1 rubber_tracks_mexico_city-2 rubber_tracks_mexico_city-3 rubber_tracks_mexico_city-4 rubber_tracks_mexico_city-5 rubber_tracks_mexico_city-6 rubber_tracks_mexico_city-7 rubber_tracks_mexico_city-8 rubber_tracks_mexico_city-9 rubber_tracks_mexico_city-10

Featured bands:
Haciendo El Mal

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Eric Spektor for Runner’s World

I stepped up my running regimen after this Runners World shoot with Eric Spektor, who – in his 65th year – completed 10 major run, bike, and swim events including, a swim from Alcatraz to SF, a marathon, an Ironman, and the 129 mile California Death Ride!


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Cowboy Thanksgiving

I spent Thanksgiving this year on my girlfriend’s cousin’s ranch with some real-deal cowboys and girls.  Highlights included learning to rope, shooting some big guns, witnessing a cow birth, and a kids rodeo.  Great food too!

thanksgiving 2013-1 thanksgiving 2013-2 thanksgiving 2013-3 thanksgiving 2013-4 thanksgiving 2013-5 thanksgiving 2013-6 thanksgiving 2013-7 thanksgiving 2013-8

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This is my yung homie MARCELO. I shot some photos of him for a series of upcoming performance pieces that he is putting together.  You can see the first one live online here on Nov 15th.

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Collapsed Dome

Collapsed Dome

Oz Farm – Point Arena, CA

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