Here are some shots from a recent day I spent in Concord, CA.  Looks like this is becoming an ongoing project examining the lives of teenagers and young adults, particularly in the suburbs.

Thanks to Amanda Lopez for her help!

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4 Responses to Suburbia

  1. Victoria Feikert says:

    I dont know how I feel about that photo being on the internet you kinda made Concord look a little deppressing. That is def. not a very flattering shot of me or megan, its nice but I look like im shwasted.

  2. jen siska says:

    You’re such a G Reamer. Nice work.

  3. minadovich says:

    this is really great. i haven’t seen any one doing any documentation on today’s youth. i am glad for this.

  4. TheTens says:

    Awesome shots of my horrible hometown. Found your site searching for Port Costa. I know Amanda too.

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